A unique design by the Assos Werksmannschaft and made exclusively by the team's tech partner, Lake. The ASSOS cyclingSlipperG1 is based on Lake's top-of-the-line model but features 32 little details specified by the ASSOS Werksmannschaft, making this cycling shoe unique to Assos. The G1 uses real kangaroo leather because it offers supreme softness and its excellent ability to adapt to each wearer's foot. The G1’s real wow! factor is the feeling of power transmission its construction generates. It's almost bionic: you feel like your legs are one with the crank unit and the power is being transmitted directly to the road with no losses or distortion. One key feature is the two-tone style effect these shoes have. The shoe features white a panel on the outside (Boa), whilst the inner side is black (see below). Italian shoes, in general, have a narrower footbed in the front; the G1’s footbed is slightly wider, which allows your toes more room to move and breathe. Custom Fitting It’s simple. Put the shoes in the oven at 80°C degrees for 10 minutes. Wear two socks, put the shoe on, sit down with your knees bent at 90 degrees, then use your hands to push or pull the carbon fiber into form where needed. Let it cool down without moving. Done! This process can be repeated as needed, should you ever feel pressure points (after the first 1000km).